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Saturday, 18 February 2012

How I murdered my colleague

The driver of a bus belonging to a nursery and primary school in Lagos, who allegedly murdered his female colleague and dumped her body in the bush, said the deadly stab was the reward for her being rude to him.

The suspect, said the deceased, Tolu (full names withheld), had the habit of shouting at him at the slightest provocation. According to him, it was the bottled-up anger, which resulted in his plot to kill the lady, who usually went with him to bring pupils to the school and take them back home at the close of school hours.
Tolu was said to have reported for duty that fateful day and two of them set out for their assignment, unknown to her that the driver had a sinister motive.

Ironically, the duo did not have any misunderstanding on that particular day before he decided to kill her. Crimewatch was told that the driver took a screw driver and stabbed her twice. And when he confirmed that Tolu had given up the ghost, he allegedly drove to a nearby bush and dumped her body there in the bush, in an attempt to escape the long arm of the law and sped off.
Unknown to him, however, some people saw when he dumped the body and reported the matter to the police.

“Someone who saw him when he dumped the body in the bush, rushed to the police station to inform the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Ikotun Division,” a source said. The DPO, Mr. Augustine Akika, was said to have led a team of policemen to recover the body from the bush. After the murder, the suspect also dumped his blood-stained shirt in the bush. Unfortunately for him, the shirt formed part of the clue, which the police used in tracking him down. However, he had thought nobody would trace the murder to him, having driven out of the scene and quickly washed the blood in the vehicle and parked it in the school compound before disappearing into thin air.

But he later became remorseful and started singing discordant tunes, regretting his action. “I did not intend to kill her. It was after I stabbed her and she died that it dawned on me that I had killed her. The girl usually shouted at me but on that fateful day, I did not know what came over me. She didn’t provoke me before I held and stabbed her. When I discovered that she was dead, I dumped the body in the bush. I thought I was clever but the police exposed me,” he lamented.

When Crimewatch visited the school, pupils and teachers were seen wearing forlorn look. Most of the people the reporter wanted to extract information from refused to comment on the dastardly act. One of them, who managed to talk to the reporter said: “The owner of the school has gone out. There is nothing we can tell you about the incident. You can go to the police station. They are the ones handling the issue, please.”
The command’s spokesman, Mr. Jaiyeola Joseph, confirmed the incident.

He narrated how the DPO led a team to the bush where the body was dumped, recovered and deposited it in the mortuary. Meanwhile, the case has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department( SCID), Panti, Yaba, Lagos, for further investigation.