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Friday, 27 April 2012

Robbers Now Use Scientific Means To Attack Thier Victims

In a world of scientific break through, as scientists sweat to bring new inventions, armed robbers have become more ingenious in their operation.
They have devised new means of scaring their victims before dispossessing them of their belongings. This new device is the use of generator plugs to create a substance that blast glass or metal doors.

It was gathered that the criminals that had perfected the use of such instruments operated mainly on the popular Apapa-Oshodi expressway and the environs. A notorious gang specializing in the use of generator plugs device in robbing their victims of valuables during traffic jam on the road was burst recently by operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS), Ikeja.

A member of the gang, Eberechi Njoku was arrested during the operation. In his confession to the police, Njoku said, “I used to work as a driver and barber before I met a group of friends at Kasua Market in Ajegunle I usually go there to drink. They were the ones who introduced me to the idea of robbing commuters during traffic on the Apapa highway with generator plug.

“There is a whitish substance that is found in a generator plug when it is broken. We take a few particles of the substance and when we have found a victim, we simply throw the substance at the window of his car.
“The sound resulting from the contact between the particles and the car windows is usually very loud that you would mistake it for a gunshot, he said.

Explaining further, he said his gang never used arms to rob anyone although most of their victims think so. “Our victims are usually startled and frightened by the noise, making it easy for us to rob them and quickly disappear,” he said.
For Njoku, however, his favourite spot was Sunrise Bus stop along Apapa-Oshodi expressway.“I live at 15 Oremeji Street in Olodi-Apapa. Since I don’t mask myself during operation, I usually operate at Sunrise Bus Stop, where I feel I would not be recognised by victims as most of them might be on their way to other destinations outside Apapa,” he said.

On how he got the idea, Njoku said: “ We have graduates in our midst. Ever since we realized the risk of being arrested with gun, new inventions were created to help achieve the same result. If the police arrest you with gun, you become history and besides most of us do not have the mind to kill. This new device does the wonder, it scares the hell out of our targets and they give you everything you demand for.”

The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, Umar Manko confirmed the arrests. He said: “SARS operatives were tipped off about two weeks ago about a five-man gang who rob commuters on the Apapa highway from the hours of 7.00pm. Acting on the information, an ambush was laid and Njoku was apprehended. His colleagues are on the run and we have launched manhunt on them and I can assure you we will soon get them in the net.”

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  1. Wow... Atleast we have still invented something!!!! I hope the commuters get this info also so the know what to expect. Not every loud sound is a gunshot. But who is willing to confirm if its gun or knockout???? Thumbs up for the police men