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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Train runs over Man and wife after he tied themselves to the rail track on her birthday

A 34 year old woman Emilie Hallouin and 37 year old man Guillaume Gremy  were ran over by a train in France.

Guillaume Gremy tied his wife ’s hands to a rail track before they were both run over by a train on her 34th birthday .last Monday, about 4:30am Émilie Hallouin and Guillaume Grémy where found dead in Beauvilliers , France.

 The train was going too fast that it took 2miles after hitting the both of them . According to the report, the French police said that, the woman's ankles and wrists were tied strong with polythene tape on the rail track before her body was cut into pieces by the train.

Mean while her husband Gremy, was not tied to the tracks , but his body was found scattered along several hundred yards of track.

Gremy has been suffering from a serious long term depression which lead to that act.He had been on sick leave from his job as a result of depression.

Emilie and Gremy had been separated for 3years before the time of the incident.
The police spokesman said  that“ Emilie had been fixed to the tracks with a strong adhesive tape while the man ’s body had not .

“ The french police said that they learnt Gremy was desperate to reunite with his wife , which she did not want to, According to L ’EchoRepublicain .

Remi Coutin, the Chartres prosecutor, said “ it was  a tragic affair . Together, they had a 15 - month - old baby . ”

Their car was found parked close to the scene of the tragedy , which was easy for quick
identification of the victim.

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