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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Kanu Nwankwo recounts how his wife saved his life after hearing his heartbeat

Kanu Nwankwo Nigeria’s top professional athlete,
who was operated first in the year 2006 as a result of heart valve defect after been medically examined in Inter Milan, has open up on how God used his wife to save his life and nurtured him back to good health.

When recounting what happened, he narrated that he and his wife had just tucked their three kid in bed, and gone to their own room to sleep. Nevertheless, the Kanu’s heartbeat was so loud that his wife Amara was unable to sleep.

Amara recalls: “ The sound of his heartbeat was much loader than normal. According to her, she was listening to his heartbeat and it sounded strange.”
Kanu's wife Amara who is 30 years old couldn't shake off that odd feeling that something was amiss and persuaded that Kanu gets his heart checked to be on the safer side.

40 years old Kanu, narrated: “She was insisting that I go for an immediate heart check-up so I heeded to her advice.” And after the examination, Amara's fear was confirmed right because medical result from experts stated that there has been further damage to his heart prompting an urgent surgery for the second time.

“It was the same heart valve defect,” she adds. “It was like a time bomb ticking . She concluded by saying It’s just one of those things we were fortunate to discover.” Not only was Kanu's life saved by his wife, also took care of him and nurtured him back to health.

Finally Kanu concluded by telling DailyMail that he now realised that for you to have a 100% health heart does not lie in your been strong or fit.

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