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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Government of Malaysia have seized animal parts worth $1m sent from Nigeria

Animal parts worth $1m  which include elephant tusk and pangolin scales sent from Nigeria have been seized by the Malaysian authorities.
The seized items was reportedly found over the weekend in two different raids carried out by the authorities in the cargo terminal of Kuala Lumpur's internal airport.

Pudzi man, a senior customs officer revealed that the authorities initially found 23 ivory tusks with an estimated value of 275,000 ringgit ($64,150).

 “Customs officers seized two boxes which contained a large quantity of elephant tusks. The tusks had been sent from Nigeria, and the cargo was listed as food items', he revealed.

On the second raid, Pudzi disclosed that the authorities found six sacks containing 300.9kg (663 pounds) of pangolin scales worth 3.86 million ringgit ($900,500).

No arrest linking to the seized items have been made by the authorities yet, but its popularly known that Asia demands elephant tusks highly most especially China and Vietnam that make use of the ivory for traditional medicine processing and decoration.

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