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Friday, 29 September 2017

A girl of 18 won't be facing any charges after murdering her mother's abusive ex-boyfriend

abusive ex-boyfriend

A teenage boy of 18 years has been spared charges by a grand jury on Monday after been accused of choking an abusive man who was reported to be an ex-boyfriend of her mother.

Police revealed that in the month of August, 18 year old  Luis Moux, was charged with manslaughter after he reportedly choked the ex-boyfriend of his mother to death. Adding that the deceased was spotted by the teen hitting his mother in their home.

The Police revealed that the deceased, Washington who was 43 years showed up at their place at about 4:30 am to have a chat with the teen's mum only for him to end up beating her up.

While he was in his room, Moux over heard his mum screaming and dashed out of his room dragging the man off his mum before allegedly choking him to death.

According sources from the Police, his mum fainted and when she regained consciousness, she saw her son standing over her ex-boyfriend.

Before his death, police report recorded that Washington has been arrested 26 times of which 2 was for domestic violence against the mother of Moux.