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Sunday, 17 September 2017

A Nigerian man beaten up by guys sent by lady he sent parking for refusing to sleep with him

Nigerian lady gets male friend beaten up after he asked her for sex; she refused & he threw her out

@Gbemsssss, a Nigerian Instagram user, has taken to her Instagram page to narrate how she connive with some guys to beat the hell out of a male friend of hers who sent her out of his house when it was raining heavily only because she denied him sleeping with her.

Gbemisola, the full name of the lady, was cross with guy for having the audacity to walk her out of his house only because she said no to him.

After Gbemisola revealed she now dislike men, she added that she was mad when she discovered that her male friend ended up receiving slaps from the hired guys instead proper beatings that would leave him partially crippled.

See her post below:

"I hate men I hate them, went to see my “friend” today and he was moving to me and was demanding sex then I said NO
I hate men I hate them, went to see my “friend” today and he was moving to me and was demanding i sleep with him then I said NO.
Then I told him I’m getting my uber and I want to leave this nigga told me to get out of his house and wait for my uber.
And I was just there wondering to myself and asking myself what I did wrong, the entitlement ? The audacity? I hate men.
Took my phone from me forcefully and deleted his number then I threw his stupid business card at him . After I left I called him and was mad.
I was screaming on top of my voice on the phone. Then he had the audacity to tell me “you know you’re my baby, I was angry cos u left”.
“I was angry cos you don’t want to have anything to do with me , you don’t want to sleep with me that’s why I did that”
see I have never cried this much before , I was pained. Somebody I considered as a friend. RAIN WAS FALLING THIS MORNING BTW. I was under the heavy rain. I have suffered.
I am done with men for now. I am so so done
Can you guys see this crazy excuse of a man.: (His message to her on Whatsapp, after throwing her out of his house)
I honestly don’t know why someone can’t have simple relationship with a guy with sex being involved. I’ve already sent people to beat him up.
UPDATE: I just got a call from the guys and they made him call me and apologize to me while he was crying.They only gave him slaps sigh😪
I’m not impressed, I wanted them to beat him till he can’t move but I guess I’ll just leave it here since his stupid ass apologized.

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