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Friday, 6 October 2017

Bride's infidelity's video played by groom during their weddding event


An unfaithful wife was given the shock of her life by her husband to be for playing a video of his wife to be infidelity for everyone present at their wedding to view.

The video played left everyone astonished in Singapore as the bride was seen in a romantic session with another fellow who wasn't the groom.

Information gathered by Zaobao, reveals that the groom was suspecting that his wife to be was unfaithful to him so he planted a spy who followed around and videoed all that transpired.

When the lady spy provided the groom with all evidence that his wife to be was cheating on him, she expected the wedding to be cancelled rather to her greatest surprise, she later on received their wedding invitation card. Only for the groom to disgrace his wife to be by playing the video o  their wedding day.

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